How does the Texas Medicaid & healthcare partnership (tmhp) LTC program work?

How does the Texas Medicaid & healthcare partnership (tmhp) LTC program work?

The Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) LTC team supports the LTC provider community in submitting claims through the Claims Management System. TMHP also supports providers as they submit forms via the LTC Online Portal. TMHP’s Provider Enrollment Unit does not enroll providers for LTC programs however.

Who is eligible for chip in Texas?

CHIP is available to children whose families have low to moderate income, who earn too much money to qualify for Texas Medicaid, and who do not have private insurance. Mothers-to-be also can apply for CHIP perinatal coverage. CHIP enrollment fees and co-payments are based on the number of people in the family and the family’s income and assets.

How do I contact tmtmhp?

     TMHP Contact Center: 800-925-9126 (Option 3) You must have JavaScript enabled in order to access this part of the site. Please enable JavaScript and then reload this page in order to continue. AMA/ADA End User License Agreement LICENSE FOR USE OF CURRENT PROCEDURAL TERMINOLOGY, FOURTH EDITION (“CPT® “)

What does a Texas Medicaid provider do?

Providers enrolled with Texas Medicaid and other health-care programs render essential medical and preventive health-care services to clients while focusing on providing the best medical care possible. Texas Medicaid providers help ensure that each patient can receive high quality, comprehensive health-care services within their community.

Who is the claims administrator for Texas Medicaid?

Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) (link is external) is the claims administrator for Texas Medicaid. Claims for services administered by a medical or dental plan must be submitted to the plan.

How do I submit a fee-for-service claim to tmhp?

Submit acute care or dental claims electronically to TMHP for routing to the appropriate medical or dental plan. Medicaid fee-for-service providers must exhaust the administrative and medical appeals provider resolution process with the HHS claims administrator contractor before filing an appeal or complaint with HHSC.

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