Why was Tap Tap Revenge removed?

Why was Tap Tap Revenge removed?

What happened to the Tap Tap Revenge series? – Quora. The Tap Tap Revenge closed all it’s servers and removed all it’s apps from the playstore/app store officially since February 5 2014. Reason being obviously the lack of engagement that they were getting more and more of.

Can you still play Tap Tap Revenge?

Tap Tap Revenge, also known as Tap Tap Revenge Classic was a music game created by Nate True, and developed and published by Tapulous for iOS in July 2008. Via a post on their Facebook page, as of January 2014 the game has been removed from the App Store by owner Disney and it no longer plans to support the game.

Why Tap Tap app is not working?

The App is not compatible with your OS or Hardware If above two fixes do not work, then it is clear that the app is not compatible with your current OS version or not compatible with your device Hardware. Try to install it on another Android device with higher OS version and better hardware.

Is Tap Tap Store banned in India?

3. Will Tap Tap be banned in India? Since the Indian government has banned apps based in china to avoid data integrity violation and Tap Tap and its funding has no relation with china so the App won’t be banned in India. You can visit the Google Play Store to download the Tap Tap App.

What happened TapTap reborn?

After rounds of product tests and internal… More discussions, we decided to stop supporting Tap Tap Reborn 2. That’s why you are not able to find it in app stores anymore.

What is TapTap?

TapTap is a game recommendation platform and a high-quality players community. Available in Android, iOS, and Web. Also recommends some superb games reviewed independently by editors everyday. Players can download, buy, rate, discuss games here, and discover more superb games by communicating with other players.

When did TapTap revenge come out?

July 11, 2008
Tap Tap Revenge/Oorspronkelijke releasedatums

How do I fix app not installed?

The Android app not installed error can be combated after resetting app permissions. Go to Settings > Apps > Reset App Preferences/Reset Application Permissions. After this, third-party software can be installed on your device.

How do I fix Tap Tap error?

How to Fix a Parse Error

  1. Update to the latest version of Android.
  2. Check for compatibility issues, or try an older version of the app.
  3. Enable permissions to install apps from unknown sources.
  4. Try downloading and installing your .
  5. Temporarily disable Android antivirus or other security features.
  6. Turn on USB debugging.

Is Taptap illegal?

Chinese online games portal TapTap has been slapped with a fine and its services suspended for three months for violating games publishing laws in the country. When developers around the world publish their games in China, they must adhere to strict rules and gain approval from the Chinese government for release.

Who Invented Tap app?

Apurv Mishra, the founder of Tap, and his team are very aggressively marketing against Yo, alleging that the Tap app is four times faster than the Yo app. Check out the video demonstration below.

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