Is Intel Iris XE graphics goed?

Is Intel Iris XE graphics goed?

11e generatie Intel® Core™ processor met Intel® Iris® Xe grafische kaart is onderdeel van de nieuwe 11e generatie Intel® Core™ processorreeks en ’s werelds beste processor voor dunne en lichte laptops.

Wat is Intel Iris plus graphics?

De Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 (GT3e) is een grafische kaart voorgesteld in september 2017. Als opvolger van de Intel Iris Graphics 650 (Kaby Lake) wordt de Iris Plus Graphics 655 gebruikt voor Coffee Lake-U-modellen met 28 Watt. Het grootste verschil is het verdubbelde eDRAM-cache van 128 MB.

Hoeveel GB is Intel Iris XE graphics?

Asus en Colorful produceren eerste Intel Iris Xe-videokaarten met DG1-GPU

GPU Xe Iris MAX Xe Iris (DG1)
Kloksnelheid 1,650 MHz
Geheugen 4 GB 4 GB
Type geheugen LPDDR4X LPDDR4X
Geheugenbus 128 bit 128 bit

Wat is Intel Iris plus graphics 640?

Intel Iris Plus Graphics: degelijk Iris Plus is de poging van Intel om het gat tussen de geïntegreerde en losse GPU te overbruggen. Met het oog op de gemiddelde gamer is de Iris Pro een solide GPU om bijvoorbeeld League of Legends op een solide stabiele frame rate.

Is nVidia now worth more than Intel?

Nvidia is now worth more than Intel, according to the NASDAQ. The GPU company has finally topped the CPU company’s market cap (the total value of its outstanding shares) by $251bn to $248bn, meaning it is now technically worth more to its shareholders.

What is the difference between Intel HD and Nvidia integrated graphics?

Intel HD is an integrated graphics solution built into the CPU die. It has not really been used since generation 4 of the Intel CPUs. Nvidia is a company that makes full fledged GPUs whose only purpose is to render images.

Who are Intel and Nvidia’s competitors?

In the past, Nvidia and Intel were hardly competitors, but going forward, they will compete in discrete GPUs, in (data center) CPUs, in IoT, in AI accelerators, in networking hardware and in automotive.

Is Intel’s biggest risk NVIDIA or Intel?

Intel’s biggest risk is its much higher revenue base, while Nvidia has a much steeper market valuation to lose. For investors in semiconductor companies, there is a series of events unfolding that they may pay attention to.

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