What type of writing is The Canterbury Tales?

What type of writing is The Canterbury Tales?

Poetry – rhyming couplets in iambic pentameter The style of The Canterbury Tales is characterized by rhyming couplets. That means that every two lines rhyme with each other.

What literary period is The Canterbury Tales?

medieval literary
The Canterbury Tales (written c. 1388-1400 CE) is a medieval literary work by the poet Geoffrey Chaucer (l. c. 1343-1400 CE) comprised of 24 tales related to a number of literary genres and touching on subjects ranging from fate to God’s will to love, marriage, pride, and death.

Is The Canterbury Tales satire?

The Canterbury Tales is a satire, which is a genre of literature that uses humor—sometimes gentle, sometimes vicious—to ridicule foolish or corrupt people or parts of society. Boccaccio’s The Decameron, a widely popular Italian satire from 1353, almost certainly provided Chaucer with inspiration for the Tales.

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Is The Canterbury Tales a parody?

“The Canterbury Tales” was written in the 14th century by Geoffrey Chaucer. As we know, the tale itself is a satire, but the stylistic structure in the tales creates a sense that can be a parody as well. …

Is The Canterbury Tales iambic pentameter?

Lesson Summary Geoffrey Chaucer wrote The Canterbury Tales in iambic pentameter, with five pairs of unstressed and stressed syllables. The rhyme scheme of a poem is the pattern of how the last word in the lines rhymes with others. The Canterbury Tales uses rhyming couplets, with every two lines rhyming with each other.

What language is The Canterbury Tales written in?

Middle English
The Canterbury Tales/Original languages

The Canterbury Tales is one of the best loved works in the history of English literature. Written in Middle English, the story follows a group of pilgrims who are travelling the long journey from London to Canterbury Cathedral.

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Is Chaucer medieval or Renaissance?

Geoffrey Chaucer lived between 1343-1400 and thus qualifies as medieval. The Middle Ages, as first defined in the Renaissance, has long been understood as a period of backwardness and superstition. And Chaucer himself is more of a Renaissance man than any subsequent writer.

Why was the Canterbury Tales banned?

29. ‘Canterbury Tales,’ by Geoffrey Chaucer. The collection of stories, presented as narratives being told by a group of pilgrims, was banned at a high school in Illinois for sexual content.

In what way does the Chaucer employ satire?

Chaucer’s satire about the doctor. Chaucer uses satire to explain why the Friar doesn’t go among the poor and lowly of society. He thinks he’s too good.

How is Chaucer considered to be famous satire?

Chaucer was the master of satire. He is satirical in his descriptions of those who traveled on a pilgrimage together in the Canterbury Tales. In his poetry, particularly the Canterbury tales, Chaucer satirizes all classes of life. He includes the peasants, the knightly class and he especially satirizes the church.

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What is a parody article?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A parody, also called a spoof, a send-up, a take-off, a lampoon, a play on (something), or a caricature, is a creative work designed to imitate, comment on, and/or make fun of its subject by means of satiric or ironic imitation.

How does The Canterbury Tales reflect the Middle Ages society?

Social satire is the major theme of The Canterbury Tales. The medieval society was set on three foundations: the nobility, the church, and the peasantry. Chaucer’s satire targets all segments of the medieval social issues, human immorality, and depraved heart.

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